Interesting facts you need to know about threesome


For a mass amount of people, the first image that comes to their mind when talking about threesomes is probably a super hot scene they saw earlier in a movie. However, as awesome as having a three some it, the process of planning is definitely a hard task. Not only you should find a compatible three way partner with the same sexual preferences and dislikes, but also need to come up with all the solutions to different possible problems in advance. Thus if you are the swinger and living a swing life style, it is important to be prepared before making up your mind to have a three some.

Only few women have ever gotten with more two guys

It seems to be totally normal for a guy to get intimate with two girls, however, when the gender is reversed, it can be a little bit strange. When women who are interested in threesome dating, kinky dating, bisexual dating as well as polyamorous dating are interviewed whether they have thought about sleep with two guys, only 5,4% have given the positive answer. According to the experts on threesome dating apps, tinder for couples and tinder for threesome, the reason to this strange phenomenon is most because of the mainstream porn, which consists two girls and one guy at most cases.

Is is mostly couples who have a close relationship who decide to have a threesome

Introducing a three way partner to an exclusive relationship definitely seems to be a niche thing to do, especially for married couples. However, to the surprise of most people, they are mostly the couples who have a stable and close relationship who made their mind to have a threesome. Of course, you have to be confident enough to bring a third party to your relationship right?

87% of the threesome experience didn’t go well for first timers

The shockingly high percentage of failed three way experience for the first time can actually be contributed to the following reasons: the beginners didn’t realize it is actually pretty hard to plan a good threesome and they just treated it as a random hook up; they were so used to the traditional way of dating that there is always one person felt being left out; they are simply not skilled enough to have a good threesome.

There are mostly couples seeking women and women seeking couples.

On a mass majority of tinder for threesome and tinder for couples consisting of more than one million registered uses seeking a threesome, the mass majority users are either couples seeking women or women seeking couples. The number of single man is relatively much less.

You need much more condoms when having a threesome.

It happens to a lot of people that they run out of condoms when having a threesome. You need to always keep in mind that you have to change it once every penetration happens.


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