It is important to always keep yourself involved


Here is a vital tip I would like to give you about tinder threesome hookups. They often say that always keep everyone involved in a threesome and try not to leave out someone. That is also true. However, from my perspective, the most efficient way to keep everyone involved is to keep yourself involved. It should start from yourselves. No one should always keep an eye on you in a threesome. Therefore, it is vital to keep yourself involved.

In many threesomes, when the other two persons are penetrating, the single one would more or less feel being left out. What if the single one is you? What would you do? I hope you won’t step back and act like you are bored by it. Actually, there are many people act like this in threesomes. No matter it is a part of a swinger couple or a single third. That is not right, both for yourselves and for the other two. You would be a buzz-kill for them and for yourselves. The best way is to keep yourself involved by connecting with them no matter it is kissing or touching, as long as you don’t leave the couples dating.

Unfortunately, I had such experience with a third. She is a cute girl who we found on a tinder for couples dating apps. When we just got started, everything was just fine. Three persons kissing, touching, etc. However, things got strange and awkward when my husband penetrated me. We planned that he would penetrate me first and then her, but we didn’t tell her that beforehand. That was also part of our mistakes. She and I were kissing just fine and my husband penetrated me from the back. Then she suddenly stopped kissing me. She stepped back from me and showed me a bored face. My mood was killed all of a sudden. So was my husband’s. We stopped right away. I grabbed her back to me and kissed her. She was back to normal again. When my husband though he could continue moving, she stopped again. We were so in the mood, but she just acted like that she was being left out while she didn’t. She was the one did it to herself. Things was supposed to be okay if she just kept herself involved by kissing one of us, but she wouldn’t.

Finally, my husband stopped and moved on to her. He penetrated her while I was kissing and rubbing him all over. It was supposed to be a great threesome, but our moods were both badly influenced by her behavior. I wish we won’t meet other women like her in the future. In the meantime, I hope you won’t be that girl too. If you are having this issue, please find a way to eliminate it. You will be much more popular in threesome field. I wish you all the best.


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