My wife finally gave in and had a threesome with me


I have always wanted to have a threesome dating with my wife since we firstly went out. We have been married for 6 years and before that, we dated for nearly two years. That means this is the 8th year we are together. That is quite a long time. A lot of things can change over 8 years, including the perspective of my wife feels towards threesomes. When I firstly brought it up to her, it was when we dated for about 5 months, she declined my proposal clearly and strongly. She couldn’t bear it when thinking about me pleasing another girl. I even told her that I could also accept MMF threesome and let another male please her, but she still had a stubborn mind over it. After that, I have been more or less exposed the concept of tinder threesome to her occasionally, but hardly could I find any change of her mind. I started to give up.

Recently, I sensed some change. I think part of the reasons might be that we are both a little tired of the old monogamous sexual routine. She started to get bored with it and our frequency also decreased to twice a month, compared to the past which is twice a week. She started to watch threesome porn with me and she would listen to my threesome fantasies carefully and even get turned on by it. I quickly grabbed the chance and suggested again. Expectedly, she finally said yes, but only for a MMF threesome with another man watching us by the side. I thought it could be a good start at least. Maybe next time I will get to have a FFM threesome.

We started planning. All things we did is actually just downloading a tinder for threesome app online and created a profile on it. We found a male who was willing to watch and also cute and straight. I can’t stand to be watched by a gay and my wife also thought it would be a good idea if the third is only into women.

We invited him to our house and had a dinner before we started. When we finish eating, my wife suggested us to watch a porn. So we went to bed together and turned on the TV. Actually, before the porn started, we couldn’t wait it for any longer. We firstly started with a little BDSM. My wife flirted and teased the third man to turn him on. After he is turned on, my wife tied him with cuff at the side of our bed. She started to kiss me and we started to touch each other. The man watched us doing our business. I could tell he was so turned on and opened his mouth like the next minute I would see saliva coming out from it. He even made noises louder than I did, but not as loud as my wife.

When we finished, he still wants it. He begged us for one more time. This time, I was the one that got tied up. As much as I hated to see my wife being taken by another man, but I gotta admit, it was a huge turn on. Maybe the next time, I will be able to have a FFM threesome.


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