Some Useful Tips For Successful Threesome Encounters


Some people like to stick to one person all the time. But some people are more open minded and like to have more than one sexual partners for themselves. This is where the idea of having threesome dating come to people’s minds. Some people like to go to that territory real quick and things can go pretty wid with it. While some people are so careful that they pretend that they have never thought about having a threesome. Some people always have their partners ready while some people might have to obtain the consent of their partners. The right idea is that if you are in a relationship then both you and your partner can have pleasure and fun at the same time.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the real threesome is not what you see in pornography. Real sex is very different from what you see in sexy film and so is threesome app. So here are some very practical and solid tricks for you if you want to engage in threesome sex involving your partner or even in the case when you are single. Just remember in case you are a couple and bring in the third person make sure that your partner does not feel jealous. So here is starting with the post.

Keep it realistic yet fun

The first rule for when it comes to threesome is that if you want to have a good time then you must also keep it as realistic as possible. You, your partner and the third person can do a lot of things during sex which you are also comfortable with. The dynamic is different with two girls and one boy as compared to what it is with two boys and one girl. You just have to learn to play with it and let it flow of all what happens.

You can be funny or even have laughs

There is no shying about the silly stuff that you do. The action can go on while you are in a bathtub or in a bedroom. The only thing is that you should not be afraid of being yourself. This is where the act of threesome starts to get all more so fun. If you have jokes to share share them, if they are dirty, even better.

Regardless of your preference use a condom

No matter if you are gay or straight, two guys or one guy on two girls, you do not miss out on protection. It is very important to be careful during sex and you must use a condom to prevent STDs in a threesome.

Lay the Ground Rules

You need not plan sex, it just happens. But be sure that you atleast obtain the consent of the other person and your partner. Once you lay down the rules, you guys can go as wild as you want in a threesome.

Keep it a secret

Save yourself from embarrassment and to your best efforts you should keep it a secret. Respect privacy of your partner and at the same time avoid rumours and gossip about your threesome encounters.


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